Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

Choose whether pictures are automatically 
displayed in the monitor immediately after 
shooting. If Off is selected, pictures can only 
be displayed by pressing the 
K button.
Copying Images
Images will not be copied if there is insufficient space on the destination 
card. Be sure the battery is fully charged before copying movies.
If the destination folder contains an image with 
the same name as one of the images to be 
copied, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. 
Select Replace existing image to replace the 
image with the image to be copied, or select 
Replace all to replace all existing images with 
the same names without further prompting. To 
continue without replacing the image, select Skip, or select Cancel to 
exit without copying any further images. Hidden or protected files in the 
destination folder will not be replaced.
Protect status is copied with the images but print marking (
not. Hidden images can not be copied.
Image Review
G button
➜ D playback menu