Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

Camera takes time to turn on
: Delete files or folders.
Shutter-release disabled
• Memory card is full (
• Release locked is selected for Custom Setting f11 (Slot empty release 
0 319) and no memory card is inserted (0 29).
• CPU lens with aperture ring attached but aperture not locked at highest 
f-number. If 
 is displayed in the control panel, select Aperture ring 
for Custom Setting f9 (Customize command dials) > Aperture setting 
to use lens aperture ring to adjust aperture (
• Exposure mode f selected with A selected for shutter speed 
Camera is slow to respond to shutter-release button
: Select Off for Custom Setting 
d4 (Exposure delay mode
Only one shot taken each time shutter-release button is pressed in continuous release 
• Lower the built-in flash (
• Turn HDR off (
Photos are out of focus
• Rotate focus-mode selector to AF (
• Camera unable to focus using autofocus: use manual focus or focus lock 
Full range of shutter speeds not available
: Flash in use. Flash sync speed can be 
selected using Custom Setting e1 (Flash sync speed); when using 
compatible flash units, choose 1/320 s (Auto FP) or 1/250 s (Auto FP) for 
full range of shutter speeds (
Focus does not lock when shutter-release button is pressed halfway
: Camera is in 
focus mode AF-C: use 
AE-L/AF-L button to lock focus (0 98).
Can not select focus point
• Unlock focus selector lock (
• Auto-area AF or face-priority AF selected for AF-area mode; choose 
another mode (
• Camera is in playback mode (
• Menus are in use (
• Press shutter-release button halfway to activate exposure meters (
Image size can not be changed
Image quality set to NEF (RAW) (
Camera is slow to record photos
: Turn long exposure noise reduction off