Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

Image can not be selected as source for preset white balance
: Image was not created 
with D800 (
White balance bracketing unavailable
• NEF (RAW) or NEF+JPEG image quality option selected for image quality 
• Multiple exposure mode is in effect (
Effects of Picture Control differ from image to image
: A (auto) is selected for 
sharpening, contrast, or saturation. For consistent results over a series of 
photographs, choose a setting other than A (auto) (
Metering can not be changed
: Autoexposure lock or movie live view is in effect 
Exposure compensation can not be used
: Choose exposure mode e, f, or g 
Sound is not recorded with movies
Microphone off is selected for Movie 
settings Microphone (
NEF (RAW) image is not played back
: Photo was taken at image quality of NEF + 
Can not view pictures recorded with other cameras
: Pictures recorded with other 
makes of camera may not be displayed correctly.
Some photos are not displayed during playback
: Select All for Playback folder 
“Tall” (portrait) orientation photos are displayed in “wide” (landscape) orientation
• Select On for Rotate tall (
• Photo was taken with Off selected for Auto image rotation (
• Photo is displayed in image review (
• Camera was pointed up or down when photo was taken (
Can not delete photo: 
• Picture is protected: remove protection (
• Memory card is locked (
Can not retouch picture:
 Picture was not created with D800 (
Message is displayed stating that no images are available for playback
: Select All for 
Playback folder (