Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

Supported Standards
• DCF Version 2.0: The Design Rule for Camera File System (DCF) is a 
standard widely used in the digital camera industry to ensure 
compatibility among different makes of camera.
• DPOFDigital Print Order Format (DPOF) is an industry-wide standard 
that allows pictures to be printed from print orders stored on the 
memory card.
• Exif version 2.3: The camera supports Exif (Exchangeable Image File 
Format for Digital Still Cameras) version 2.3, a standard in which 
information stored with photographs is used for optimal color 
reproduction when the images are output on Exif-compliant printers.
• PictBridge: A standard developed through cooperation with the digital 
camera and printer industries, allowing photographs to be output 
directly to a printer without first transferring them to a computer.
• HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface is a standard for 
multimedia interfaces used in consumer electronics and AV devices 
capable of transmitting audiovisual data and control signals to HDMI-
compliant devices via a single cable connection.
Trademark Information
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