Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

❚❚Choosing an AF-Area Mode
The following AF-area modes can be selected in live view:
Face-priority AF
: Use for portraits. The camera automatically detects 
and focuses on portrait subjects; the selected subject is indicated 
by a double yellow border (if multiple faces, up to a maximum of 
35, are detected, the camera will focus on the closest subject; to 
choose a different subject, use the multi selector). If the camera 
can no longer detect the subject (because, for example, the 
subject has turned to face away from the camera), the border will 
no longer be displayed.
Wide-area AF
: Use for hand-held shots of landscapes and other non-
portrait subjects. Use the multi selector to move the focus point 
anywhere in the frame, or press the center of the multi selector to 
position the focus point in the center of the frame.
Normal-area AF
: Use for pin-point focus on a selected spot in the 
frame. Use the multi selector to move the focus point anywhere in 
the frame, or press the center of the multi selector to position the 
focus point in the center of the frame. A tripod is recommended.
Subject-tracking AF
: Position the focus point over your subject and 
press the center of the multi selector. The focus point will track the 
selected subject as it moves through the frame. To end tracking, 
press the center of the multi selector again.