Canon PowerShot SX280 HS User Guide (en)

Preliminary Notes 
and Legal Information
Contents: Basic 
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Using GPS 
Auto Mode/
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting 
Tv, Av, and M 
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
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Basic Guide
P Mode
Security Precautions
Because Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit signals, security precautions 
more stringent than when using a LAN cable are required.
Keep the following points in mind when using Wi-Fi.
Only use networks you are authorized to use.
This product searches for Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity and displays the 
results on the screen. Networks you are not authorized to use (unknown 
networks) may also be displayed. However, attempting to connect to or 
using such networks could be regarded as unauthorized access. Be sure 
to use only networks you are authorized to use, and do not attempt to 
connect to other unknown networks.
If security settings have not been properly set, the following problems may 
Transmission monitoring
Third parties with malicious intent may monitor Wi-Fi transmissions and 
attempt to acquire the data you are sending.
Unauthorized network access
Third parties with malicious intent may gain unauthorized access to 
the network you are using to steal, modify, or destroy information. 
Additionally, you could fall victim to other types of unauthorized access 
such as impersonation (where someone assumes an identity to gain 
access to unauthorized information) or springboard attacks (where 
someone gains unauthorized access to your network as a springboard to 
cover their tracks when infiltrating other systems).
To prevent these types of problems from occurring, be sure to thoroughly 
secure your Wi-Fi network.
Only use this camera’s Wi-Fi function with a proper understanding of 
Wi-Fi security, and balance risk and convenience when adjusting security 
When transferring this product to another person, disposing of it, or 
sending it for repair, be sure to note the wireless LAN settings and reset 
the product to its default settings (erase settings) if necessary.
Canon will not make compensation for loss or theft of the product.
Canon accepts no responsibility for damages incurred due to 
unauthorized access to registered data (image transfer destinations, etc.) 
if the product is lost or stolen.
Be sure to use the product as directed in this guide.
Be sure to use the wireless LAN function of this product within the 
guidelines noted in this guide. Canon accepts no responsibility for 
damages or loss if the function and product are used in ways other than 
as described in this guide.
Do not use the wireless LAN function of this product near medical 
equipment or other electronic equipment.
Use of the wireless LAN function near medical equipment or other 
electronic equipment may affect operation of those devices.
Radio Wave Interference Precautions
This product may receive interference from other devices that emit radio 
waves. To avoid interference, be sure to use this product as far away as 
possible from such devices, or avoid using the devices at the same time 
as this product.