Canon PowerShot SX280 HS User Guide (en)

Preliminary Notes 
and Legal Information
Contents: Basic 
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Using GPS 
Auto Mode/
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting 
Tv, Av, and M 
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
Setting Menu
Basic Guide
P Mode
Playback is not possible.
Image or movie playback may not be possible if a computer is used to rename files or
alter the folder structure. Refer to the Software Guide (
) for details on 
folder structure and file names.
Playback stops, or audio skips.
Switch to a memory card that you have performed low-level formatting on with the 
camera (
There may be brief interruptions when playing movies copied to memory cards that 
have slow read speeds.
When movies are played on a computer, frames may be dropped and audio may skip 
if computer performance is inadequate.
Sound is not played during movies.
) or the sound in 
the movie is faint.
No sound is played for movies shot in [
] mode (
) because audio is not 
recorded in this mode.
Memory Card
The memory card is not recognized.
Restart the camera, with the memory card in it (
Cannot transfer images to a computer.
When attempting to transfer images to the computer via a cable, try reducing the 
transfer speed as follows.
Press the <
1> button to enter Playback mode. Hold the <n> button down as 
you press the <
o> and <m> buttons at the same time. On the next screen, press 
the <
q><r> buttons to choose [B], and then press the <m> button.
SX270 HS
Eye-Fi Cards
SX280 HS
Cannot access the Wi-Fi menu by pressing the <o> button.
The Wi-Fi menu is not available in Shooting mode. Switch to Playback mode and try 
In Playback mode, the Wi-Fi menu cannot be accessed during detailed information 
display, magnified display, or index display. Switch to single-image display and a
viewing mode other than detailed information display. Similarly, the Wi-Fi menu 
cannot be accessed during filtered image display according to specified conditions.
Cancel the playback state of the image in image search mode.
The Wi-Fi menu cannot be accessed while the camera is connected to a printer, 
computer, or TV via a cable. Disconnect the cable.
Cannot add a device/destination.
A total of 20 items of connection information can be added to the camera. Erase 
unneeded connection information from the camera first, and then add new devices/
destinations (
To add Web services to send images to, install CameraWindow and complete the 
settings in CameraWindow (
To add a smartphone as a device, first install the dedicated application
CameraWindow on your smartphone (
To add a computer as a device, first install the software CameraWindow on the
Do not use the camera near sources of Wi-Fi signal interference, such as microwave 
ovens, Bluetooth devices, or other equipment operating on the 2.4 GHz band.
Bring the camera closer to the other device you are trying to connect to (such as the 
access point), and make sure there are no objects between the devices.
Cannot send images.
The destination device has insufficient storage space. Increase the storage space on
the destination device and resend the images.
The write-protect tab of the memory card in the destination camera is set to the 
locked position. Slide the write-protect tab to the unlocked position.