Canon Speedlite 320EX Manual (en, fr, es)

Install four AA/R6 batteries.
Open the cover. 
Slide the battery compartment cover 
as shown by the arrow and open it.
Install the batteries. 
Make sure the + and – battery 
contacts are correctly oriented as 
shown in the battery compartment.
Close the cover. 
Close the battery compartment cover 
and slide it as shown by the arrow.
Based on new AA/LR6 alkaline batteries and Canon’s testing standards.
Installing the Batteries
Recycling Time and Flash Count
Recycling Time (Approx.)
Flash Count (Approx.)
0.1 - 2.3 sec.
180 - 1000
Note that certain AA/R6 lithium batteries may become extremely hot 
in rare cases during usage. Due to safety reasons, do not use “AA/
R6 lithium batteries”.
Using AA/R6 batteries other than the alkaline type may cause improper 
battery contact due to the irregular shape of the battery contacts.
If you change the batteries after firing many flashes continuously, be 
aware that the batteries might be hot.