Canon Speedlite 320EX Manual (en, fr, es)

Auto light
If you use a camera that has an automatic LED light up function, set 
the LED light switch to <AUTO>.
When the shutter button is pressed halfway in low-light conditions, 
the LED light turns on automatically to assist autofocus.
Set the LED light switch to <M> and press the <LED LIGHT> button 
until the LED light turns on.
The LED light turns on.
To turn off the LED light, press the <LED LIGHT> button until the LED 
light turns off.
Turning on the Light Manually
The LED light is for use with EOS digital 
cameras that have a movie shooting 
The LED light can be used to light the 
subject within the angle of view of an 
EF lens of 50mm or longer or an 
EF-S lens of 32mm or longer.
The LED light can be used up to 
approximately 3.5 hours with new 
Movie Shooting Using the LED Light
LED light
LED light switch
Manual light button
Manual light
Auto light