Canon Speedlite 320EX Manual (en, fr, es)

Attach the 320EX to the provided 
mini stand and position the flash.
Use the horizontal bounce function 
and point the sensor of the slave unit 
toward the master unit.
Indoors, you can perform wireless 
flash shooting using the reflection of 
the surrounding walls without having 
the wireless sensor of the 320EX 
facing the camera. Position the 
320EX while checking that it can fire.
Take the picture.
Set the camera and take the picture, 
in the same way as with normal flash 
When you are done with wireless 
flash shooting, set [Wireless func.] to 
Do not place any obstacles between the master unit and slave unit(s). 
Obstacles can block the transmission of wireless signals.
Even with multiple slave units, all of them will be controlled in the same 
way via wireless.
If the slave unit’s auto power off takes effect, perform FE lock operation 
or turn the slave unit off and on again to turn on the slave unit.