Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Intelligent Function Setting Tool
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• Click [Clear] to delete the polygonal detection area.
• The camera tampering detection area cannot be changed.
Changing a [Rectangular] detection area into a [Polygonal] 
shape or changing a [Polygonal] detection area into a 
[Rectangular] shape
Changing the shape of the detection areas already set 
deletes that area and switches to a new drawing setting.
„ Setting the Detection Line
Use the image display area to set the detection line. 
Specify a detection line consisting of a polygonal line with 
a maximum of 32 angles.
In the image display area, click the start point of the 
detection line and then click the end point. To create a 
detection line consisting of polygonal line, click each 
angle in the polygonal line in order.
To confirm a detection line, click any of the already set 
The angles in a confirmed detection line can be dragged 
to change the shape of a detection line and lines between 
angles can be dragged to change the position of the 
detection line.
• Drag the square marks (
■) at each angle to change the shape 
of the detection line.
• Click [Clear detection line] to delete a detection line.
„ Setting Detection Criteria per Detection Type
Specify different detection criteria for each detection type.
Detect criteria for [Moving Object Detection]
Set detection areas where you want to detect moving 
For [Object Size (%)], enter a value or move the slider to 
set the ratio of the size of an object moving in the 
detection area to the size of the detection area.
When the ratio of an area where the camera has detected 
a moving object exceeds the value set for [Object Size 
(%)], detected mode is triggered to ON.
When [Object Size (%)] is changed, an indicator frame 
showing the size of the object is displayed for 1 second in 
the center of the image display area, allowing 
specification of the settings while checking the size ratio.
Any moving objects detected are shown with contour lines.
If a moving object is smaller than [Object Size (%)], its 
contour lines are white. If the moving object is larger than 
[Object Size (%)], its contour lines take on the same color 
as the detection area, indicating that “detection” mode has 
been triggered to ON.
Detect criteria for [Abandoned Object Detection]
Set areas where you want to detect abandoned objects as 
detection areas.
[Object Size (%)]
Enter a value or move the slider to set the ratio of the size 
of an object that was left behind in the detection area to 
the size of the detection area.
When [Object Size (%)] is changed, an indicator frame 
representing the area of the object is displayed for 1 
second in the center of the image display area. This 
allows you to check the size ratio of the abandoned object 
detection area while specifying the [Object Size (%)] 
[Duration (Sec)] 
Set the time that must elapse after an object has been left.
If both the values for [Object Size (%)] and [Duration 
(Sec)] are exceeded, detection mode is triggered to ON.
Object size indicator
Detection area
Contour lines of a 
detected moving 
Object size indicator
Detection area