Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Log Viewer
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„ Saving a Log to a File/Opening a Saved Log
How to Save
Click [Save to local file] and save using the [Save As] 
dialog box.
How to View
Click [Open local file] and select a log file using the 
[Open] dialog box.
„ Copying/Searching Logs
How to Copy
Click to select the log you want to copy, and then click 
How to Search
Enter the character string for which you want to search in 
[Search for] and click [Search].
If the searched log is found, it is shown as selected. 
Click [Previous] or [Next] to search the log above or 
below. Lines of logs found are shown as selected.
„ Showing All Logs
Select the [Show all logs] checkbox.
When selected, even logs without a log code are shown if 
[Not specified] is selected for the log type [Filter].
„ Showing Filtered Logs
You can filter logs by type, code and date & time to show 
only the necessary information. 
Set the following conditions and click [Apply filter] to show 
only the logs matching the specified conditions.
[Log Type] 
Select the [Specify type] or [Specify code] checkbox to 
filter logs by type. If you do not want to filter logs by type, 
select [Not specified]. 
• Specify type
Specify the log level
Select [Error], [Warning] or [Information] for the level of 
logs to be shown. 
Specify log output module
Select [Application], [HTTP Server] or [System] for the 
output source module whose logs will be displayed. 
• Specify code
Specify the log code. Only logs whose code contains 
the entered characters are shown. If “A0” is entered, 
for example, logs starting with “A0” are displayed. 
[Date & Time] 
• [Specify start date & time] checkbox
When this checkbox is selected and a date and time 
are entered, logs generated on or after the specified 
date and time are shown.
• [Specify end date & time] checkbox
When this checkbox is selected and a date and time 
are entered, logs generated on or before the specified 
date and time are shown.
[Application], [HTTP Server], and [System] support the List of 
Log Messages (p. 152).
Logs saved in the camera's internal memory are cleared when 
you perform [Maintenance] > [Restore Default Settings] and 
[Reboot], or press the reset switch on the camera.