Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Click the preset selection box and select a preset from the 
displayed list to move the preview frame on the Digital 
PTZ panel to the preset position and display the image 
inside the frame in the image display area.
Click the [Home Position] button to move the preview 
frame on the Digital PTZ panel to the home position and 
display the image inside the frame in the image display 
Register the preset or home position beforehand using the Preset 
Setting Tool (p. 98). Registered presets will appear in the preset 
selection box.
„ Exiting Digital PTZ
Click the [Digital PTZ] button again. The Digital PTZ panel 
closes and Digital PTZ ends.
Although clicking the close button of the Digital PTZ panel 
closes the Digital PTZ panel, Digital PTZ will stay on.
Setting Video and Audio
„ Changing the Video Size
You can set a desired video size for video received from 
the camera. Select from [320x240], [480x270], [960x540] 
or [1920x1080]. 
„ Changing the Display Screen Size
You can change the display screen size. Select from [Actual 
Pixels], [480x270], [960x540], [1920x1080] or [Fit to 
[Actual Pixels] displays the video at the size at which it is 
being captured.
[Fit to Window] displays the video at the maximum size 
possible in the web browser window.
Black bars will appear above and below the image if [Actual 
Pixels] is selected for the display screen size while the video size 
is set to [320x240].
„ Displaying in Full Screen Mode
You can show images over the entire display. Clicking this 
button will switch the viewer to full screen mode.
To close the full screen window, select [Exit Full Screen 
Mode] in the following menu. 
You can display the necessary panels for controlling the 
camera in the full screen mode. Right-click on the screen 
and select the necessary panel from the menu that 
[Obtain/Release Camera Control]
Obtain and release the camera 
control privileges.
Select a preset.
[Home Position]
Move the camera angle to the 
home position.
Displays the panorama display 
[Start/Exit Viewer PTZ]
The viewer PTZ panel is 
displayed. (Admin Viewer only)
[Start/Exit Digital PTZ]
The Digital PTZ panel is 
Displays the camera control 
[Pan/Tilt Slider]
Displays the pan/tilt slider.
[Control for Admin]
Displays the Control for Admin 
Panel (Admin Viewer only).
Admin Viewer
VB Viewer
Admin Viewer
VB Viewer