Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

„ Adjusting the Preview Frame Size
Drag the preview frame line to make the frame smaller, 
and a magnified view of the image in the frame will be 
shown in the image display area.
The preview frame turns blue when you drag it. 
• The aspect ratio of the preview frame is always 16:9.
• The Viewer PTZ uses digital zoom, so the higher the digital 
zoom ratio, the lower the quality of the image becomes.
„ Moving the Preview Frame
You can move the preview frame to the desired position.
Move by dragging
Click within the preview frame and drag it over the subject 
that you want to see magnified.
The preview frame turns blue when you drag it. 
Move by clicking
Click a position outside of the preview frame and the 
preview frame will move to that position. Click the subject 
that you want to see magnified.
Move using sliders 
You can pan, tilt and zoom the displayed video using 
After changing the preview frame, the image display area will 
continue to display the cropped video corresponding to the 
preview frame even after the Viewer PTZ panel is closed. 
However, when you reconnect to Admin Viewer, the initial status 
will be restored.
„ Exiting Viewer PTZ
Click the [Viewer PTZ] button again. The Viewer PTZ 
panel closes and Viewer PTZ is exited. 
Although clicking the close button of the Viewer PTZ panel 
closes the PTZ panel, the Viewer PTZ will stay on.
„ Differences Between Viewer PTZ and Digital 
Viewer PTZ and Digital PTZ are both simple pan, tilt, and 
zoom functions that use the digital zoom function, but they 
have the following differences because they employ 
different operating principles.
Using Control for Admin
When you have obtained control privileges, click the 
[Control for Admin] button to display the Control for Admin 
Panel and perform camera operation and video settings.
Viewer PTZ
Digital PTZ 
Enlarges the specified part of 
the image transmitted from 
the camera and then displays 
it in the viewer.
Transmits only the trimmed 
part of the entire area that can 
be captured by the camera.
The size of the received data 
is large.
The size of the received data 
is small.
Can be used only in Admin 
Can be used in both Admin 
Viewer and VB Viewer.
PTZ operation can be 
performed independently for 
each viewer.
Independent operation cannot 
be performed for each viewer 
(if multiple viewers are 
connected, the same display 
is applied in the other