Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

You can set the camera so that the following data is saved automatically to the camera’s SD memory card. (“Chapter 5 
Setting Page
”, “[Memory Card] SD Memory Card Operations and Settings” (p. 75)). 
When either the storage capacity of the SD memory card or the number of files that can be saved is reached, you cannot 
save further video to the SD memory card. If this happens, delete any unneeded video files with the Recorded Video Utility.
• Image files when recording-mode stream transmission failed to be sent due to network errors (JPEG only)
• Video files when HTTP or FTP upload failed (JPEG/H.264)
• Video files manually recorded by the user from the Admin Viewer (JPEG/H.264)
• Video files recorded by [External Device Input], [Volume Detection], and the intelligent functions when an event occurs 
• Video files recorded using a timer (JPEG/H.264)
• Log
„ Access to the SD Memory Card
Use the Recorded Video Utility (p. 118) of the Admin Tools or FTP software (not included) to access the camera using the 
camera’s IP address.
FTP Software Settings
Camera IP address
(factory default setting: 
User ID: 
Administrator user ID
(factory default setting: root) 
Administrator password
(factory default setting: camera) 
„ Directory Structure for Data Downloaded with Recorded Video Utility
When video on an SD memory card is downloaded to a computer with the Recorded Video Utility, folders are created 
automatically in accordance with conditions such as the camera and the date and time.
The following shows the folder structure.
Example: H.264 video, manually recorded using a camera with an IP address of, on Sept. 10, 2012, from 
16:00:00 to 16:59:59 (Camera Time Zone: GMT+09:00).
(1) Folder specified with [Download to]
(2) IP address of the camera
(3) Video recording date
(4) Recording start and end times (UTC)
(5) Time difference from UTC
(6) Recording type
E: Event
M: Manual recording
R: Recording-mode stream
T: Timer
U: Upload
(7) Video format (JPEG or H.264)
SD Memory Card Access
• When deleting a video using a method other than the Recorded Video Utility, you must perform [Recreate Video Management 
Information] under [Memory Card] in the setting page (p. 76).
• Canon will assume no liability for any accident or damage resulting from use of FTP software. 
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