Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Preparing the Camera for Use
Performing Initial Settings for the Camera
Before installing the camera, read this chapter and use the VB Initial Setting Tool to 
configure the IP address. 
Checking Images
When initial settings are complete, access the camera via a web browser and check the 
image using the VB Viewer.
Installing the Camera
Install the camera to suit the operating environment it will be used in.
“Installation Guide”
Setting the Camera Angle
Use the Camera Angle Setting Tool to set the camera angle via PC operation. 
Configuring the Camera from the Setting Page
The setting page lets you configure basic camera settings, network operations, user 
registration, and access restrictions.
Using Admin Tools
Admin Tools let you set viewing restrictions, make preset settings, and make settings for 
using intelligent functions. In addition, you can review logs to check on the camera's 
operation status.