Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

[Event] Setting Video Record, Volume Detection, Audio Playback and Timer
ting P
Tool under Admin Tools (p. 96). If there is no need for 
additional camera operation, select [None]. 
(9) [Video Record]
Specify the video record action. If [Enable] is 
selected, video will be transmitted to the destination 
selected in [Video Record Action] (p. 64) when a 
volume detection event occurs.
(10)[E-mail Notification] 
Select the e-mail notification operation to be 
performed. If [Enable] is selected, e-mail notification 
is performed when a volume detection event occurs. 
To use this function, the [E-mail Notification] sub-
menu must also be set from the [Upload] menu 
(11)[External Device Output for ON Event]
Select whether external device output (1 or 2) is active 
or inactive upon an ON event. Select [Disable] to 
disable external device output.
(12)[External Device Output for OFF Event]
Select whether external device output (1 or 2) is active 
or inactive upon an OFF event. Select [Disable] to 
disable external device output.
External Device Output
(1) [Operation Mode]
Select the normal (inactive) circuit condition.
When [Normally Open] is selected, the output 
terminals remain in the open state during normal 
operation, and the terminals close upon an active 
event and open upon an inactive event.
When [Normally Close] is selected, the output 
terminals remain in the closed state during normal 
operation, and the terminals open upon an active 
event and close upon an inactive event.
(2) [Active Output Format]
Select [Pulse] or [Continuous] for the external device 
output format.
(3) [Pulse Output Time (sec)]
Enter the pulse output time in the range of 1 to 120 
(sec.). This setting is available when [Active Output 
Format] is [Pulse].
[Normally Open] means that the contacts are normally in the 
open state (that the circuit is non-conductive), and [Normally 
Close] means that the contacts are normally in the closed state 
(that the circuit is conductive).
External Device Input
(1) [External Device Input Event] 
Set external device input events to [Disable] or 
(2) [Operation Mode]
Select the circuit condition of the connected external 
When [Normally Open] is selected, an active event 
occurs when the terminals of the external device 
close, and an inactive event occurs when the 
terminals open.
When [Normally Close] is selected, an active event 
occurs when the terminals of the external device 
open, and an inactive event occurs when the 
terminals close.
• The volume detection function is temporarily disabled during 
audio file playback and audio transmission from the viewer.
• For notes on use of volume detection, see “Safety 
 When VB-H41/610/710 Viewer has camera control 
privileges, those camera control privileges are released if the 
camera is moved to a preset position, specified in the 
[Preset] settings, by a volume detection event operation.
When [Active Output Format] is set to [Pulse] and a timer is 
used, a single contact output is controlled when the timer starts.
Normally Open
Active Event
Inactive Event
1 (Terminals close)
0 (Terminals open)
Normally Close
Inactive Event
Active Event
1 (Terminals close)
0 (Terminals open)