Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Turn off the power before cleaning the camera. 
„ Cleaning of Exterior
1 Dampen a soft cloth with water or diluted neutral 
detergent and wipe away the grime gently. 
2 Wipe with a dry cloth. 
„ Cleaning of Lens
Use a commercial lens cleaner to remove grime on the 
lens surface. 
Auto focus may not work properly if the lens 
surface is dusty or dirty.
• Be aware that scratches on the lens surface may result 
in poor image capture. 
„ Cleaning of Front Cover, Dome Case, or 
Dome Housing
Grime on any of the parts listed below will reduce image 
quality, so periodic cleaning is required.
Dome (when using the separately sold indoor 
dome housing)
Dome case
Front cover
If the surface of the above part cannot be cleaned well, 
remove it following the steps below to clean it more 
1 Remove the front cover, dome case, or dome.
See steps in “Installing the Camera” in the “Installation 
Guide” included with the indoor dome housing and 
remove the dome.
See steps in “Installing the Camera” in the “Installation 
Guide” included with the camera to remove the dome 
See “Using Camera Housing” in the “Installation Guide” 
included with the camera to remove the front cover.
2 Dampen a soft cloth with water or diluted neutral 
detergent and wipe away the grime gently. 
3 Wipe with a dry cloth. 
4 Reattach the front cover, dome case or dome to its 
original position.
Periodically check the brackets and screws for rust and 
loosening to prevent injuries and equipment damage due 
to falling items. 
For inspections, please contact the dealer where you 
purchased the product.
„ Maintenance for Ceiling Mount Cover 
(dedicated accessory for VB-H41/VB-M40) or 
Recessed Mounting Kit (dedicated accessory 
for VB-H610VE/VB-H610D/VB-M600VE/
Periodically check the brackets and screws for rust and 
loosening to prevent injuries and equipment damage due 
to falling items. 
For inspections, please contact the dealer where you 
purchased the product.
Disposing of the Camera
Dispose of the camera in accordance with local laws and