Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

Admin Tools consists of applications for remotely making camera settings, checking operating conditions, and acquiring logs.
Admin Tools
This is the top page of Admin Tools. All tools can be 
launched from this page. 
Privacy Mask Setting Tool
A tool that lets you hide areas you do not want to be seen 
by setting privacy masks. Up to eight areas can be 
masked, allowing thorough protection of privacy. 
Panorama Creation Tool
A panorama image creation tool that shows the entire 
area that can be captured by this camera. Once a 
panorama image is captured and registered, it is shown in 
the panorama display panel of the viewer. As the 
panorama image is also shown when view restrictions and 
presets are set, you can see at a glance which part of the 
entire area the set area is occupying.
View Restriction Setting Tool
The View Restriction Tool restricts the viewable capture 
range in the VB Viewer. You can set the desired range 
with the mouse by referring to the preview in panorama 
Admin Tools Overview