Canon VB-H610VE Manual (en)

View Restriction Setting Tool
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Display Screens of View Restriction Setting Tool
(1) Image Display Area
The image currently captured by the camera is shown. 
Pan, tilt, and zoom operations are the same as in the 
VB-H41/610/710 Viewer. For details, see “How to 
(2) [Switch Mouse Operation] button
Click the button to switch to
. In this mode, move 
the mouse pointer to the image display area and click 
to operate the pan and tilt. Click the button again to 
return to
(3) [Switch Screen Size] button
Each time this button is clicked, the screen size of the 
image display area switches between “480 x 270” and 
“960 x 540”.
(4) [Obtain/Release Camera Control] button
This button is used to obtain/release the camera 
control privileges. For details, see “Obtaining Camera 
(5) [Control for Admin] button
Displays the Control for Admin Panel (p. 122).
(6) [Panorama Screen] 
The panorama image registered in the camera is 
shown. View restriction preview frames, representing 
the view restriction setting values, are also shown. You 
can drag the frames to change their shapes, with the 
new settings being reflected in View Restriction 
• View restriction preview frame
(6)-1 Pan/tilt preview frame (red frame) 
Range of field of view defined by 
top/ bottom/left/right edges
(6)-2 Wide-angle preview frame (green frame) 
Wide-angle restriction setting (restriction of 
capture frame) 
(6)-3 Telephoto preview frame (yellow frame) 
Telephoto restriction setting (restriction of 
maximum zoom ratio) 
(7) [Digital Zoom] 
The current digital zoom usage status of the camera is 
shown in real time.
(8) [Image Stabilizer] 
The current image stabilizer usage status of the 
camera is shown in real time.
(9) [Apply the view restriction] 
To use view restrictions, select this checkbox. 
(10)View restriction setting entry boxes and [Get value] 
You can enter a value in each view restriction setting 
entry box to change the applicable setting. You can 
load the values for the current camera angle to the 
view restriction settings by clicking [Get value].
• View restriction settings
[Upper Limit]: Top limit of the view restriction. Click 
[Get value] to load the top edge 
value of the current camera angle.
[Lower Limit]: Bottom limit of the view restriction. 
Click [Get value] to load the bottom 
edge value of the current camera 
[Left Limit]:
Left limit of the view restriction. Click 
[Get value] to load the left edge value 
of the current camera angle.
[Right Limit]:
Right limit of the view restriction. 
Click [Get value] to load the right 
edge value of the current camera 
Telephoto limit of the view restriction. 
Click [Get value] to load the zoom 
ratio of the current camera angle.