Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Detect the cameras connected to the network and then display them in the camera list in the main window. You can detect 
cameras of factory default setting, or automatically detect cameras connected later to add them to the camera list.
Detecting Cameras with the Search Function
Detect cameras that are connected to the same network as the computer in which this tool is installed, and add them to the 
camera list.
Camera detection by this tool is only available for cameras in the same network segment. Cameras connected to different network 
segments need to be added manually (P. 46).
Enter an administrator name and administrator password for camera authentication. Up to three accounts can be 
registered as authentication information commonly used for search.
Cameras can be detected even if you click [Search] without entering anything, but authentication will be required 
later in that case (P. 24).
[Register Administrator Account] dialog box appears for registering the account (P. 18).
Detecting the Camera
 on the toolbar, or select [Camera List] > [Search Cameras].
Enter common authentication information for cameras if necessary.
To register an administrator account for a camera with a factory default setting at the time of camera search, select 
the [Register administrator account upon detection] checkbox, then click [Setting].