Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

This manual describes how to configure and operate Camera Management Tool (hereafter referred to as “this tool”). 
Carefully read this manual before use to ensure correct use of this tool. Also be sure to read the file in the LICENSE folder of 
the setup CD-ROM.
* The cameras described in this manual may include models not be sold in your country and region.
For the latest information on this product (firmware and included software, user manuals, operating environment, etc.), 
please refer to the Canon website.
Precautions for Use (Disclaimer)
Network Security
The user is responsible for the network security of this product and its use.
Take appropriate network security measures to avoid security breaches. To the full extent permitted by laws and 
regulations, neither Canon Inc. nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates shall be liable for any losses, direct, incidental 
or consequential damages, or liabilities that may be incurred as a result of network security incidents such as 
unauthorized accesses.
<Network Security Recommendations>
• Change the password of the camera periodically.
• Change the HTTP or HTTPS port number of the camera.
• Limit access to the camera by network devices.
For additional network security recommendations, please refer to the Canon website.
License Agreement of Included Software
For the license agreement of the included software, please refer to VBTools-E.txt in the BundledSoftware folder in the 
LICENSE folder on the included setup CD-ROM.
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