Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

[Not connectable] or [Authentication required]
Double-click [Not connectable] or [Authentication required] in [Connection Status] to display the camera 
authentication information dialog box, and configure settings (P. 25).
If [Not connectable] appears even after camera finishes processing, for example after a camera restart, try clicking the 
(Update Camera Information).
[Admin Required]
Double-click [Admin Required] in [Connection Status] to display the register administrator account screen, and 
configure settings (P. 18).
SSL/Port Number
If a camera is connected with SSL, three types of icons are displayed according to the port used to communicate 
with the camera and its status. The icons enable you to check whether SSL is used and whether there is a problem 
with the self-signed certificate.
If this tool is connected to the camera via SSL, the SSL communication is confirmed using the IPv4 address. If a certificate other 
than IPv4 is used, the SSL communication (problem with certificate) icon is displayed.
Displaying Thumbnails
Use the thumbnail view switch button to display the thumbnails of the still images obtained from the camera. When 
you place the mouse cursor over the thumbnail, it is enlarged.
Non-SSL communication
SSL communication (no problem with certificate)
SSL communication (problem with certificate)
Do Not Display Thumbnails
Display Thumbnails