Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

You can click the checkbox at the beginning of the line or choose the camera names using the Ctrl key or Shift key to 
select multiple cameras.
Changing the Camera List Order
Each click of each item title of the camera list switches the list to ascending order or descending order.
You can click title items and drag them to the desired location to change the right and left orders of the displayed 
Changing the Items to Display
You can select items in the camera list, and change their order.
The [Display Items Settings] dialog box appears.
To display a hidden item, select the item in [Items Available for Display] and then click 
To hide a displayed item, select the item in [Displayed Items] and then click 
Selecting an item in [Displayed Items] and then clicking [Up] or [Down] changes the order.
The displayed items can also be changed using the following methods.
• Right-click the Title section, and select the checkboxes of the items that you want to display. Clear the checkboxes 
of the ones that you do not want displayed.
Setting Notes or a Group
You can assign any group name or enter a note as a remark for a camera displayed in the camera list.
When the number of cameras has increased, use [Notes] or [Group Name] to sort cameras and make cameras 
easier to identify.
Click the [Notes] or [Group Name] display item for selected cameras to display an input field. Enter the information 
and then press the Enter key.
Select [Camera List] > [Display Items Settings].
Specify whether to display or hide the items.
Click [OK].