Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Those cameras (P. 16) that could not be authenticated with the common authentication information at the time of camera 
search can be authenticated later. You can either use common authentication information or specify administrator name 
and administrator password individually.
Setting Common Authentication Information
Set the common authentication information for cameras. Common authentication information is the information 
(administrator name and administrator password) required for authenticating cameras. The administrator name and 
administrator password should be the ones set in [Camera Settings] > [Basic Camera Settings] > [Administrator Account] 
(P. 29) or [Camera Settings] > [Register Administrator Account] (P. 18). If you set a common administrator name and 
administrator password for multiple cameras, you can authenticate them all together.
The [Common Authentication Information Setting] dialog box is displayed.
The common authentication information setting is common to [Camera List] > [Search Cameras] > [Camera Common 
Authentication Information]. If you set one of them, it is reflected to the other.
[Add], [Delete]
You can add and delete authentication information in the list of authentication information.
Up to three sets of common authentication information for cameras can be set.
▲], [▼]
Change the priority of the common authentication information for cameras.
List of Common Authentication Information
Enter the [Administrator Name] and [Administrator Password] for the camera to be authenticated.
The administrator name [root] on the first line cannot be changed or deleted.
Information specified in [Common Authentication Information Setting] is retained while this tool is running. If you want to reuse the 
settings when you start the tool next time after once exiting it, save the camera list as a file (camera specification file), and load it 
(P. 38).
Authenticating a Camera
Select [Camera List] > [Common Authentication Information Setting].
Enter the authentication information.
Click [OK].