Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Date and Time
[Setting Method]
Select the setting method for the date and time.
[Date], [Time]
Configure the settings as follows in accordance with the [Setting Method] setting.
When [Set manually] is selected
Set the desired date and time.
Set the time in 24-hour format in <hour:minute:second> order.
When [Set manually] is selected and [Synchronize with computer time] is selected
Synchronizes the date and time with the computer that is currently accessing the camera.
[Time Zone] is not selected automatically so set it separately if necessary.
When [Synchronize with NTP server] is selected
Select the setting method in [Auto-Setting of NTP Server].
When [Synchronize with NTP broadcast] is selected
Receives NTP broadcasts sent from the NTP server and synchronizes the time with them.
The camera’s NTP broadcast mode does not support IPv6.
[Auto-Setting of NTP Server]
Enter the IP address or host name of the NTP server in [NTP SERVER].
[Use DHCP]
The address of NTP server is automatically acquired from the DHCP server (IPv4).
To configure the settings, you need to set [Network] > [IPv4 Address Setting Method] to [Auto (DHCP)] (P. 27).
[Use DHCPv6]
The address of NTP server is automatically acquired from the DHCPv6 server. To enable this setting, settings for 
[IPv6] need to be configured on the camera setting page. For details about the setting page, refer to the 
camera’s “Operation Guide”.
The address of DHCP server (IPv4) or DHCPv6 server is automatically acquired.