Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

The content of the camera list can be saved as a camera specification file in the CSV format. Saved camera specification 
files can be configured to be loaded automatically upon next startup, or edited to be used for setting the camera.
Saving When Exiting the Tool
You can save a camera specification file when exiting this tool. You can also specify whether to load the camera 
specification file the next time the tool launches.
If the [Enable camera specification file] checkbox is selected in [File] > [Environmental Settings] (P. 43) and the [Do not save on exit] 
checkbox is not selected, the camera specification files can be saved when exiting this tool.
Alternatively, you can click the button to close the camera list screen.
The [Export Camera List] dialog box appears.
To include the administrator password when saving the camera specification file, select [Save password.].
Furthermore, to encrypt the password when saving the camera specification file, select [Encrypt password.].
If you select [Save password.] checkbox, the administrator password specified in the common authentication information is also 
saved in the camera specification file.
The [Save As] dialog box appears.
If you click [No], the tool will be shut down without saving the camera list information to a file.
A message confirming whether to load the camera specification file the next time the tool launches.
The tool will be shut down.
If you click [No], the camera specification file will not be loaded the next time this tool is launched.
Saving a Camera Specification File
Select [File] > [Exit].
Specify whether to include the administrator password in the camera file or not.
Click [Yes] to save the camera specification file.
Specify the file name and the folder in which to save the file, and click [Save].
Click [Yes] to load the camera specification file.