Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Camera Spe
ification File Use
You can load a saved camera specification file after starting this tool, or configure it to be automatically loaded when this 
tool is started.
Importing When This Tool Starts
After starting this tool, the following two methods are available for loading the camera specification file.
• Select the [File] > [Open], and load the camera specification file from the [Open] dialog box.
• Drag and drop the camera specification file to the camera list.
If you load a camera specification file, its content is displayed in the camera list, and a message is displayed confirming 
whether to update the information in the camera list. If you click [Yes], authentication with the camera is performed, and the 
information is updated. To display the loaded file in the camera list without updating, click [No].
• Even if you did not update the information in the camera list when loading, you can update it afterward by selecting the camera in the 
camera list and clicking 
 (Update Camera Information).
• If the common authentication information saved in the camera specification file satisfies both of the following conditions, it can be loaded 
by the [Common Authentication Information Setting] dialog box of this tool.
– No cameras are displayed in the camera list before loading.
– The [Common Authentication Information Setting] dialog box is at default settings.
Automatically Importing When This Tool Starts
You can set specified camera specification files to be automatically loaded when starting this tool from the [Environmental 
Settings] dialog box.
The [Environmental Settings] dialog box appears.
• The path for the camera specification file in the [Environmental Settings] dialog box is overwritten if you perform one of the 
– If you set to load the camera specification file the next time you start this tool when saving the camera specification file (P. 38)
– If you loaded the camera specification file from the [File] > [Open], or by dragging and dropping
• The [Enable camera specification file] checkbox is also selected, if you click [Yes] in the [Load this camera specification file on 
next restart?] message displayed when you click [File] > [Save As] (P. 39).
Loading a Camera Specification File
Select [File] > [Environmental Settings].
Select [Enable camera specification file], then specify the location and name for the camera specification file.
Click [OK].