Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Environmental Settings and Other Items
[Do Not Add new camera(s)]
Select this when you want to limit cameras displayed in the list to those described in the camera specification file.
If you select this, you cannot add cameras to the camera list by detection, or manually add or delete cameras. If you 
read a different camera specification file, the current camera list and common authentication information are 
discarded and replaced with the camera list and common authentication information of the newly read camera 
specification file.
This setting is only enabled when the [Enable camera specification file] checkbox is selected. When this checkbox is 
selected, [Enable camera specification file] is grayed out and the setting cannot be changed.
[Do not save on exit]
If you select this, the [Export Camera List] dialog box is not displayed, and the camera specification file is not output 
or saved when exiting this tool. This is available when [Enable camera specification file] is selected.
Camera specification file input field
Enter the save location and file name of the camera specification file in the input field.
[Default file location]
Specify a default location to save files, such as camera specification files and backup files, created with this tool.