Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

• You can copy and paste the path of the [File Name]. Copy the target by pressing the Ctrl+C keys, and paste by selecting the 
destination row and pressing the Ctrl+V keys. You can select multiple copy destinations by holding the Ctrl key while clicking.
• You can specify the name of the backup file (file extension: .dat). If you choose not to specify a file name, the camera’s MAC 
address will be used.
• If the save location for backup files is not changed, the last backup file will be overwritten each time a backup is repeated. If you 
wish to keep a previous backup file, copy the backup file or change the save location in the backup dialog box.
• [Encryption Password] can be set when backing up/restoring for some camera models. Only alphanumeric characters, symbols, 
and spaces can be used for a password.
This is a password to encrypt the backup data itself. The password set here will be required to restore data using the encrypted 
backup data.
A confirmation message appears asking if you want to back up settings.
Backing up of the camera settings begins.
A progress bar is displayed in the [Message] field while backing up. If cameras that the backup failed for exist 
when the backup is complete, the message is displayed. Confirm the message displayed in the [Message] field.
You can stop the backup process part way through by clicking [Stop]. In that case, the backup will only be stopped for those 
cameras waiting for the process to be performed.
Click [Start].
Click [Yes].