Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Three types of messages are displayed in this tool.
• Information messages (information display level messages)
• Warning messages (messages urging caution)
• Error messages (message indicating errors)
When warning messages and error messages appear, take the corresponding measures as described in the following 
Warning Messages
Lists of Messages
The specified backup file is invalid or broken.
This message is displayed in the following cases. Specify a correct 
backup file.
• You have specified a file which is not a backup file.
• You have specified a backup file in a different format.
• The backup file has been revised.
If a backup file created with this tool is modified, it will no longer be 
able to be restored properly. If a backup file has been modified, 
create it again.
The specified backup file cannot be restored because it is 
incompatible with the specified camera.
The model of the restore destination does not match the model for 
which the backup file was created. Specify a backup file for a 
model that is the same as the camera to be restored.
If you try to restore a new model using a backup file of an older 
model, or in the reverse case, the format of the backup file can vary 
by models. In this case, as the file cannot be recognized as a 
backup file, you will see a message “The specified backup file is 
invalid or broken.” instead of this message.
The specified backup file cannot be found.
A file that does not exist is specified as the backup file in the 
restore dialog box. Check the file name and save location of the 
backup file.
The firmware file format is invalid or the file is corrupt.
The firmware of a different model is specified. Specify the correct 
firmware file.
The firmware cannot be updated with a modified firmware file. If the 
firmware file is corrupted, download it again.
The firmware could not be updated, because the file is the same as 
the firmware on the camera or it is an older version.
You cannot update to a firmware of the same version as the current 
one or of an older version. Check the version of the firmware.
The firmware file is not for use with this camera.
The model name of the firmware file and the model name of the 
camera do not match. Check the combination of the camera in the 
camera list and the target model of the firmware file. If both models 
do not match, the firmware cannot be updated.
Memory Card Not Inserted.
A memory card operation (mount, unmount, or acquire information) 
was executed while a memory card was not inserted in the camera. 
Insert a memory card in the camera.
Could not connect to the camera.
A camera that cannot be connected to was selected, and an 
operation that communicates with the camera was performed. 
Check the connection with the camera.
Could not connect to camera. Please verify that the IP address, 
port number, user name, and password are correct.
The connection to the camera failed when trying to change the 
camera settings using [Basic Camera Settings], [Advanced 
Camera Settings], or [Set from file]. Or the connection to the 
camera failed when trying to add cameras to the camera list using 
[Add Camera]. Specify the IPv4 address and port number, user 
name and password correctly.