Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

• Install the firmware to the camera as directed in the entered 
camera information. Be sure to check the details of the camera 
information before installation.
• This tool overwrites the Flash ROM. If the upgrade completes 
unsuccessfully, the camera may not operate properly. Take 
particular care when you proceed with the upgrade process.
• Do not unplug the LAN cable or turn off the camera during 
• All settings of the cameras for which you ticked “Revert to Initial 
Settings” will be restored to the factory default settings except 
the network and date configuration.
This message is always displayed when a firmware update is 
executed. Check the details of the message. If you click [Yes], the 
firmware update will start.
Update the firmware?
The update takes a while. Do not turn off the power during the 
The format of the value is invalid.
This is a message displayed when the input value is invalid even 
though the format is fixed, like the IP address specified in the 
[Basic Camera Settings]. Make sure the input values are in the 
correct format.
Cannot add camera. Maximum number of cameras reached.
You are trying to add a new camera when 64 cameras exist in the 
camera list. Cancel adding a new camera, or delete camera(s) 
from the camera list so that the number of cameras will be 64 or 
less after addition.
User authentication failed.
Incorrect authentication information (administrator name and 
administrator password) was entered. Enter the correct 
authentication information.
Not found.
When you click [View] in [Advanced Camera Settings], the input 
setting items are searched. If a relevant setting item cannot be 
found, this message will be displayed. Make sure the name of 
setting items are correct.
Invalid file.
The file contents specified in [Set from file], [Advanced Camera 
Settings] or [Mobile Camera Viewer Update] are invalid. Make sure 
that the file contents are written in the correct format.
Please enter the file name.
You have not specified the file to be loaded when selecting [Set 
from file], [Advanced Camera Settings], updating firmware or 
restoring from backup file. Specify a file and try the operation 
A camera with this IP address has already been registered. Do you 
want to update the camera information?
The camera with the IPv4 address specified in [Add Camera] 
already exists in the camera list. Click [Yes] to update the relevant 
camera information, or click [No] not to update it.
The specified firmware file cannot be found.
The specified firmware file could not be found. Check that the 
firmware file exists in the specified folder and then specify the 
correct save location folder and file name.
Failed to create a backup file under the specified path.
A nonexistent folder name or file name has been specified as the 
save location folder of the backup file. Specify the correct save 
location folder and file name.
Please enter the port number. (80, 1024-65535)
The port number has not been specified in [Add Camera] or 
[Camera Authentication]. Or a numerical value other than 80, 443, 
or 1024 – 65535 has been specified. Specify a correct port 
Please enter the port number. (443, 1024-65535)
The file name is duplicated.
When backing up setting values, the same backup file name is 
specified for multiple cameras. Please specify a different file name.
Operation failed camera(s) exist. Please recheck your recent 
Changed settings could not be applied to some cameras. Please 
recheck [Recent Operations] in the camera list.
Please enter the camera specification file name.
A camera specification file has not been specified even though 
[Enable camera specification file] has been selected in the 
[Environmental Settings]. Please enter the camera specification file