Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

The specified path <the drive name and the folder name> is 
[Enable camera specification file] has been selected in the 
[Environmental Settings] and an invalid drive or folder was 
specified as the camera specification file’s save location. Please 
re-specify the camera specification file save location.
Unable to write to the specified folder: <the folder name>.
[Enable camera specification file] was selected in the 
[Environmental Settings], however an invalid folder was specified 
as the camera specification file’s save location. Please re-specify 
the camera specification file save location.
File does not exist.
The file specified in [Set from file] does not exist. Make sure a valid 
file is specified.
The IPv4 address is already in use or no configurable IPv4 
addresses are available.
Check the camera list and Basic Camera Settings.
The IPv4 address specified in [Basic Camera Settings] or [Set from 
file] is already in use by a camera in the camera list. Review the 
specification of IPv4 address.
The IPv4 address is already in use or no configurable IPv4 
addresses are available.
Check the camera list and Set from file.
The camera(s) with the following IP address has already been 
added to the trusted sites.
<IP address>
When executing [Maintenance] > [Add to Trusted Sites], you are 
trying to register an address that is already registered with the 
trusted sites. Recheck the address to be registered.
A camera that requires registration of administrator account was 
Please register with Camera Settings > Register Administrator 
This is a message displayed when a camera with no registered 
administrator account is included in the search result of [Search 
Cameras]. Register an administrator account for the relevant 
The camera contained in the file with the following IP address 
could not be added. Please check the contents of the file.
<IP address>
When you tried to add cameras by selecting [File] > [Open] to load 
a file including only IPv4 addresses (P. 47), connection to the 
cameras with the specified IPv4 addresses failed. Make sure that 
the IPv4 address, administrator name, and administrator password 
are specified correctly.
The file cannot be used, because it has been created with a newer 
version of the Camera Management Tool. Please upgrade the 
version of the Camera Management Tool.
By selecting [File] > [Open] or [Camera Settings] > [Set from file], 
you are trying to load a file created with a newer version of the 
camera management tool currently used. Upgrade the camera 
management tool and try again.
The administrator name is already in use.
The administrator names specified in [Search Cameras] or 
[Common Authentication Information Setting] are duplicated. 
Recheck the specification for the administrator name.
Administrator name is invalid. Set within 5 to 15 characters.
Invalid number of characters are used for administrator name. Use 
5 – 15 characters to set an administrator name.
Administrator password is invalid. Set within 8 to 31 characters.
Invalid number of characters are used for administrator password 
except administrator “root”. Use 8 to 31 characters to set 
administrator password except administrator “root”.
Administrator password is invalid. Set within 8 characters.
Invalid number of characters are used for administrator password 
for administrator “root”. Use up to 8 characters (excluding blank) to 
set administrator password for administrator “root”.
Operation failed camera(s) exist. Please check your message.
Some camera(s) had an error when executing [Software Update 
Utility], [Memory Card Operations], [Back Up Settings], or [Restore 
Settings] from the [Maintenance] menu.
Check the content of [Message] row displayed in respective 
windows during execution.
Encryption Password is invalid.
Invalid characters were used in [Encryption Password] when 
executing [Back Up Settings] or [Restore Settings] in the 
[Maintenance] menu. Only enter alphanumeric characters, 
symbols, or spaces in [Encryption Password].