Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

Error Messages
Firmware upgrade completed unsuccessfully. The camera's 
firmware might be corrupted. If you cannot access the camera 
after waiting about 30 minutes, please contact the product support.
Even though about 30 minutes have passed, the restart for the 
firmware upgrade procedure did not finish. If you cannot access 
the camera even after the time displayed in the message has 
passed, check whether the camera is connected to the network 
properly, and then contact the customer support center.
Failed to save the camera specification file.
The length of the specified folder and file exceeds 260 characters. 
Make sure the length of the folder and file does not exceed 260 
Failed to load camera specification file.
• The format of the camera specification file is incorrect. Check 
the descriptions in the camera specification file.
• The length of the specified folder and file exceeds 260 
characters. Make sure the length of the folder and file does not 
exceed 260 characters.
Failed to change the camera settings.
This message is displayed when camera settings could not be 
changed. Check the connection with the camera.
Cannot start because one of the following tools is running:
• Firmware Upgrade Tool
• Backup Tool
• Restore Tool
• Memory Card Unmount Tool
An attempt was made to launch this tool while another tool with a 
function equivalent to one of the functions of this tool is running 
(Firmware Upgrade Tool, Backup Tool, Restore Tool, or Memory 
Card Unmount Tool). Close the other tool and then try launching 
this tool again.
When using H.264(2) and selecting the maximum video size, set 
the frame rate for both H.264(1) and (2) to 15 fps or lower.
A setting combination that cannot be used has been set. Check the 
details of the message and adjust the settings.
If the frame rate is 1 fps, the I frame interval cannot be set to 0.5 
Cannot be set because H.264 in [ADSR] is used.
When using Video Record (upload/memory card) with H.264, set 
the bit rate to 3072 kbps or lower.
When using Video Record (upload/memory card) with H.264, set 
the I frame interval to 1.5 seconds or less.
Auto-setting of the NTP server is enabled in [Date and Time].
Either DHCP or DHCPv6 is not enabled in [Network].
Select [Camera] and change the Day/Night mode to “Day Mode” or 
“Night Mode”.
“Day/Night” cannot be set to “Auto”, because “Switch Day/Night” is 
set in [Event].
The specified path is too long:
<Path name>
When downloading logs, length of the specified folder and file is 
more than 260 characters. Make sure to keep the length of the 
folder and file less than 260 characters.
Failed to save the log files of one or more cameras. Check the 
camera list.
Some camera(s) failed when completing log download (when 
download has been executed with multiple cameras, the message 
is displayed if any of them fail). Check the connection with the 
Application could not be started (tool name).
Failed to start the tool selected in the [Tools] menu. Check the 
connection to the camera.
Only the camera angle setting tool will start, but you will not be able 
to set angles. Check the connection and retry operation.
Camera cannot be detected.
Please confirm network settings and restart the tool.
IPv6 must be enabled when configuring the camera’s network.
This is a message displayed when cameras with duplicated IPv4 
address are detected in an IPv6-disabled network environment. 
Enable IPv6 for both the camera and computer, restart the tool, 
then click 
Does not match the encryption password used at backup.
The encryption password specified upon restoration is different 
from the one set at backup time. Make sure the encryption 
password is correct.