Canon vb-s800d Manual (en)

This tool is software for the initial setup and maintenance of Canon network cameras (hereafter referred to as “cameras”). It 
allows you to efficiently execute IP address settings and other basic settings required when installing cameras, perform 
backup and restoration of camera settings after installation, and firmware updates to multiple cameras.
Flow of Operation
1. Initial settings
2. Camera installation
Functions of the Camera Management Tool
Before installing the camera in the final location, set the 
camera in a temporary space to carry out the initial settings. 
Connect the cameras to the same network as the computer.
Basic settings
Configure settings such as the IP address, date and time, 
camera name, and video settings for the camera (P. 26).
Video confirmation
Launch Viewer to immediately check the video for a camera 
Install the camera in the final location (for details, please 
refer to the Installation Guide).
Angle settings
Angle settings can be configured for select camera models 
by starting the Camera Angle Setting from this tool (P. 35).
Temporary space
Installation location