Canon PowerShot SD400 User Guide (en)

• Use the specified battery charger to charge Battery Pack NB-4L. Use of 
other chargers may lead to overheating, distortion of the equipment, fire 
or electrical shock.
• Disconnect the battery charger and compact power adapter from both 
the camera and the power outlet after recharging and when they are not 
in use to avoid fire and other hazards.
 Continuous use over a long period 
may cause a unit to overheat and distort, resulting in fire.
• The battery charger and compact power adapter are designed for 
exclusive use with your camera. Do not use it with other products or 
batteries. There is a risk of fire and other hazards.
Caution about magnetic fields
Keep objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields (such as credit cards) 
away from the speaker of the camera (p. 14). Such items may lose data 
or stop working.