Canon PowerShot SD400 User Guide (en)

g the Came
ra (My Camera 
• The following cannot be registered as My Camera Settings.
- Movies
- Sounds recorded with the sound memo function (p. 124)
• The prior setting is erased when a new My Camera setting is added.
Data that can be Registered as My Camera Settings
My Camera settings should conform to the data types below. However, SD 
card images shot with this camera can be registered as My Camera settings 
regardless of the below data types. (Excluding sounds recorded as a movie 
or with the sound memo function (p. 124).)
Start-up Image
• Compression Method:
JPEG (Baseline JPEG)
• Sampling Rate:
4:2:0 or 4:2:2
• Dimensions:
320 x 240 pixels
• Data Size:
20 KB or less
Start-up, Operation, Self-timer and Shutter Sounds
• Compression Method:
WAVE (monaural)
• Quantization Bits:
8 bit
• Sampling Frequency:
11.025 kHz or 8.000 kHz
• Recorded Length
* Any data types other than those described above cannot be used with this camera.
An example of this function is to record “Say Cheese” as a self-timer sound 
so that the camera will replay this sound 2 seconds before the photo is 
taken. You could also record cheerful music to bring out the natural smiles 
of your subjects, or so they can strike a pose fitting the music. In these 
ways you can customize your camera by creating and adding new My 
Camera settings.
See the supplied Software Starter Guide for more information on 
creating and adding to the My Camera data.
11.025 kHz
8.000 kHz
 Start-up Sound
1.0 sec. or less
1.3 sec. or less
 Operation Sound
0.3 sec. or less
0.4 sec. or less
 Selftimer Sound
2.0 sec. or less
2.0 sec. or less
 Shutter Sound
0.3 sec. or less
0.4 sec. or less