Canon PowerShot SD400 User Guide (en)

• Please watch the loading slot area carefully as you insert and 
remove the battery pack. 
• Do not turn off the power or open the SD card slot/battery cover 
while the indicator blinks green. The camera is writing, reading, 
erasing or transmitting an image to or from the SD card.
• Remove the battery pack when the camera is not in use. Please 
note, however, that the date, time and other camera settings may be 
lost if the battery pack has been removed for more than three weeks.
Please use an AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC10 (sold separately) for 
extended use of the camera (p. 169).
Battery Pack Charge
The following icons and messages will display when the battery pack charge 
is low.
See Battery Capacity (Battery Pack NB-4L (Fully charged)) (p. 177).
Battery pack charge is low. Recharge it as soon as possible 
before it is required for an extended period.
When the LCD monitor is off, this icon will display when you 
press any button other than the power or 
Change the 
battery pack
Battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera. Replace 
the battery pack immediately.