Canon PowerShot SD400 User Guide (en)

Low Level Format
You should select the [Low Level Format] option if you suspect the 
read/write speed of an SD card has dropped or if you wish to 
completely erase its data. A low level format may require 2 to 3 
minutes with some SD cards.
• When the camera is malfunctioning, a corrupted SD card might be 
the cause. Reformatting the SD card may solve the problem.
• When a non-Canon brand SD card is malfunctioning, reformatting it 
may solve the problem.
• SD cards formatted in other cameras, computers, or peripheral 
devices may not operate correctly in this camera. When that 
happens, reformat the SD card with this camera. If formatting in the 
camera does not work properly, turn the camera off and re-insert the 
SD card. Then turn the camera back on and format again.
Use the 
 button to select [OK] and 
press the FUNC./SET button.
• To perform a low level format, use the 
button to select [Low Level Format] and 
 button to add a check mark. 
• To exit instead of formatting, select 
• If [Low Level Format] is selected, you can 
stop formatting partway by pressing the 
FUNC./SET button. You can still use the 
SD card without problem even if 
formatting was halted partway.  
• The capacity of the SD card displayed after 
formatting will be less than the rated 
capacity of the SD card. This is not a 
malfunction of the SD card or camera.