Canon PowerShot SD800 IS User Guide (en)

Settings for the shooting or playback modes or such camera settings 
as the print settings, date/time and sounds are set using the FUNC. 
menu or the Rec., Play, Print, Set up or My Camera menu.
FUNC. Menu
This menu sets many of the common shooting functions. 
Turn the mode dial to 
Press the FUNC./SET button.
Use the 
 button to select a menu item.
• Some items may not be selectable in some shooting modes.
Use the 
 button to select an option for the menu item.
• You can select further options with the MENU button for some 
• After selecting an option, you can press the shutter button to 
shoot immediately. After shooting, this menu will appear again, 
allowing you to adjust the settings easily. 
Press the FUNC./SET button.
Menus and Settings
See the Advanced Guide: Menu List (p. 24).
This example shows the FUNC. menu in 
 (Auto) mode.