Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Manual (en)

This section describes the available and unavailable functions when 
using the Speedlite 600EX II-RT with a Type-B camera (EOS film 
camera supporting A-TTL/TTL autoflash).
When the Speedlite is attached to a Type-B camera, <b> is 
displayed on the flash LCD panel.
Functions available with Type-B cameras
TTL autoflash
Speedlite flash exposure compensation
Manual flash
Stroboscopic flash
Second-curtain sync
Manual external flash metering
Optical transmission wireless flash photography
• Manual flash
• Stroboscopic flash
Functions not available with Type-B cameras
E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash
FE lock
High-speed sync
Quick flash
Modeling flash
Auto external flash metering
Radio transmission wireless flash photography
Linked shooting
Optical transmission wireless flash photography
• Autoflash photography
• Flash ratio control
Using with a Type-B Camera