Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Manual (en)

Getting Started and
Basic Operations
This chapter describes the preparations before starting 
flash photography and the basic shooting operations.
 Cautions for firing continuous flash
To avoid degrading and damaging the flash head due to 
overheating, limit the continuous firing at full output up to 
“firing angle 14mm/20mm/24mm: 30 times”, “firing angle 
28mm: 35 times”, or “firing angle 35mm to 200mm: 50 
times.” After firing continuously at full output for the above 
listed number of times, allow a rest time of at least 10 min.
If you fire the flash continuously at full output for the above 
listed number of times, and then fire the flash again 
repeatedly at short intervals, the safety function may 
activate and restrict flash firing. With flash firing restriction 
level 1, the firing interval is automatically set to approx. 8 
sec. If this happens, allow a rest time of at least 40 min.
For details, see “Flash Firing Restriction due to Temperature 
Increase” on page 124.