Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Manual (en)

The following precautions are provided to prevent harm or injury to 
yourself and others. Make sure to thoroughly understand and follow 
these precautions before using the product.
If you experience any malfunctions, problems, or damage to the 
product, contact the nearest Canon Service Center or the dealer 
from whom you purchased the product.
Safety Precautions
Follow the warnings below. Otherwise, death or 
serious injuries may result.
To prevent fire, excessive heat, chemical leakage, explosions, and electrical shock, 
follow the safeguards below:
• Do not insert any foreign metallic objects into the electrical contacts of the product, 
accessories, connecting cables, etc.
• Do not use any batteries, power sources, or accessories not specified in the 
Instruction Manual. Do not use any deformed or modified batteries, or the product 
if it is damaged.
• Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or modify the product or batteries. Do not apply 
heat or solder to the batteries. Do not expose the batteries to fire or water. Do not 
subject the batteries to strong physical shock.
• Do not insert any battery’s plus and minus ends incorrectly, or mix new batteries 
with used ones or batteries of different type.
Do not use the product in locations where there is flammable gas. This is to prevent 
an explosion or a fire.
Do not fire the flash at anyone driving a car or other vehicle. It may cause an accident.
Do not disassemble or modify the equipment. High-voltage internal parts may cause 
electrical shock.
If you drop the equipment and the casing breaks open to expose the internal parts, 
do not touch the exposed parts. There is a possibility of an electrical shock.
Do not store the product in dusty or humid places or location with lots of oil smoke. 
This is to prevent a fire or electrical shock.
Before using this product inside an airplane or hospital, check if it is allowed. 
Electromagnetic waves emitted by the product may interfere with the plane’s 
instruments or the hospital’s medical equipment.
If a battery leaks, changes color, deforms, or emits smoke or fumes, remove it 
immediately. Be careful not to get burned in the process. It may cause a fire, 
electrical shock or burns if you keep using it.
Keep the batteries and other accessories out of the reach of children and infants. If a 
child or infant swallows a battery or accessory, consult a physician immediately. 
(Battery chemicals may harm the stomach and intestines.)
Be careful not to get the product wet. If you drop the product in the water or if water 
or metal get inside the product, promptly remove the batteries. This is to prevent fire, 
electrical shock, and burns.
Do not cover or wrap the product with a cloth. Doing so may trap heat within and 
cause the casing to deform or catch fire.