Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Manual (en)

Safety Precautions
Keep the equipment out of the reach of children and infants, including when in use. 
Straps or cords may accidentally cause choking, electrical shock, or injury. Choking 
or injury may also occur if a child or infant accidentally swallows a part or accessory. 
If a child or infant swallows a part or accessory, consult a physician immediately.
When the equipment is not in use, make sure to remove the batteries, and 
disconnect the external power source and cable from the equipment before storing. 
This is to prevent electrical shock, excessive heat, fire, or corrosion.
Prevent any battery leakage from contacting your eyes, skin, and clothing. It can 
cause blindness or skin problems. If the battery leakage comes in contact with your 
eyes, skin, or clothing, flush the affected area with lots of clean water without rubbing 
it. See a physician immediately.
Do not use paint thinner, benzene, or other organic solvents to clean the product. 
Doing so may cause fire or a health hazard.
Follow the cautions below. Otherwise physical injury 
or property damage may result.
When the product is not in use for a prolonged period, make sure to remove the 
batteries before storing. This is to prevent malfunction or corrosion.
When disposing of a battery, insulate the electrical contacts with tape. Contact with 
other metallic objects or batteries may cause a fire or an explosion.
Do not use, store, or leave the product in a vehicle in the direct sunlight or with a 
high interior temperature, or near a high-temperature object. The product may 
become hot and cause burns if touched. Doing so may also cause battery heat 
generation, breakage, leakage, and the like.
Do not fire the flash with the flash head (light-emitting unit) in contact with a human 
body or any object. Doing so may result in the risk of burns and fire.
Do not fire the flash near the eyes. It may hurt the eyes.
Do not leave the product in a low-temperature environment for an extended period of 
time. The product will become cold and may cause injury when touched.
Do not directly touch any part of the product that becomes hot. Extended contact on 
the skin may result in low temperature contact burns.
If you replace the batteries after continually firing, the batteries may be hot. Be 
careful not to get burned in the process. It may cause a skin burn.