Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Fine Adjustment of AF’s Point of FocusN
Make the adjustment.
For a zoom lens, turn the <5> dial and 
select the wide-angle (W) or telephoto (T) 
end. Pressing <
0> will turn off the purple 
frame and make the adjustment possible.
Turn the <5> dial to adjust as 
desired, then press <
0>. The 
adjustable range is ±20 steps.
Setting it toward “–:
” will shift the 
point of focus in front of the standard 
point of focus.
Setting it toward “+:
” will shift the 
point of focus to the rear of the 
standard point of focus.
For a zoom lens, repeat step 4 and 
adjust it for the wide-angle (W) and 
telephoto (T) ends.
After completing the adjustment, 
press the <M> button to return to 
the screen in step 1.
Turn the <5> dial to select [Adjust by lens], 
then press <
0>. The menu will reappear.
Check the result of the adjustment.
Take a picture and play back the image 
(p.250) to check the adjustment result.
When the resulting picture is focused in front of 
the targeted point, adjust toward the “+:
” side. 
When the resulting picture is focused behind the 
targeted point, adjust toward the “– :
” side.
If necessary, do the adjustment again.
Single focal length lens
Zoom lens
When shooting with the intermediate range (focal length) of a zoom lens, the AF’s point of focus is corrected 
relative to the adjustments made for the wide-angle and telephoto ends. Even if only the wide-angle or 
telephoto end has been adjusted, a correction will be made automatically for the intermediate range.