Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Setting the FlashN
Flash exposure compensation
The same setting as “Flash exposure 
compensation” on page 190 can be set.
For details, refer to the Speedlite’s 
instruction manual.
Flash exposure bracketing
While the flash output is changed 
automatically, three shots are taken.
For details on FEB (Flash Exposure 
Bracketing), refer to the Speedlite’s 
instruction manual.
When using second-curtain synchronization, set the shutter speed to 1/25 
sec. or slower. If the shutter speed is 1/30 sec. or faster, first-curtain 
synchronization will be applied even if [Second-curtain synchronization
is set.
By selecting [Clear flash settings], you can revert the flash settings to 
their defaults.
With an EX-series Speedlite not compatible with flash function settings, 
you can only set the following: [Flash firing], [E-TTL II meter.], and 
[Flash exposure compensation] under [Flash function settings]. 
([Shutter synchronization] can also be set with certain EX-series 
If flash exposure compensation is set with the Speedlite, you cannot set 
the flash exposure compensation on the camera (with the <m> 
button or flash function settings). If it is set with both the camera and 
Speedlite, the Speedlite’s setting overrides the camera’s.