Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Menu Function Settings
Exposure simulationN
Exposure simulation displays and simulates how the brightness of the 
actual image (exposure) will look.
• Enable (g)
The displayed image brightness will be close to the actual 
brightness (exposure) of the resulting image. If you set exposure 
compensation, the image brightness will change accordingly.
• During e
Normally, the image is displayed at the standard brightness to 
make the Live View image easy to see. The image will be 
displayed close to the actual brightness (exposure) of the resulting 
image only while you hold down the depth-of-field preview button.
• Disable (E)
The image is displayed at the standard brightness to make the Live 
View image easy to see. Even if you set exposure compensation, 
image is displayed at the standard brightness.
For asterisked image-recording quality, the pixel count does not exactly 
match the set aspect ratio.
The image area displayed for the asterisked aspect ratio is slightly larger 
than the recorded area. Check the captured images on the LCD monitor 
when shooting.
If you use a different camera to directly print images shot with this 
camera in the 1:1 aspect ratio, the images may not be correctly printed.
With [82: LV shooting area display], you can set the display method for 
the shooting area (p.324).
If you set an expanded ISO speed setting as [Maximum] in [ISO speed 
], Live View shooting will be possible under darker conditions.
Even if a low ISO speed is set, noise may be noticeable in the displayed 
Live View image under low light. However, when you shoot, the image 
recorded will have minimal noise. (The image quality of the Live View 
image is different from that of the recorded image.)