Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

k Shooting Movies
Notes on Movie Shooting
The camera cannot autofocus continuously like a camcorder.
Autofocusing during movie shooting may momentarily throw the focus far 
off or change the exposure.
During movie shooting, do not point the lens toward the sun. The sun’s 
heat can damage the camera’s internal components.
Under [51: Record func+card/folder sel.], even if [Record func.] is set 
to [Rec. to multiple] (p.118), the movie cannot be recorded to both the 
CF card <
f> and SD card <g>. If [Rec. separately] or [Rec. to 
multiple] is set, the movie will be recorded to the card which has been 
set for [Playback].
If <Q> is set and the ISO speed or aperture changes during movie 
shooting, the white balance may also change.
If you shoot a movie under fluorescent or LED lighting, the movie may flicker.
Shooting a few test movies is recommended where you will perform 
zooming during movie shooting. Zooming during movie shooting may 
result in recording of changes in exposure or mechanical sound of the 
lens, or images may be out of focus.
Cautions for movie shooting are on pages 247 and 248.
If necessary, also read the Live View shooting cautions on pages 
217 and 218.
Movie-related settings are under the [z4] and [z5] tabs (p.243). In the 
A> mode, they are under the [z2] and [z3] tabs.
A movie file is recorded each time you shoot a movie. If the file size 
exceeds 4 GB, a new file will be created.
The movie image’s field of view is approx. 100% (with movie recording 
size set to [A]).
You can also focus the image by pressing the <p> button.
To focus during movie shooting, press the <p> button. You cannot 
focus by pressing the shutter button.
Under [z5: Movie shoot. btn], if [V/
] is selected, you can press the 
shutter button completely to start or stop the movie shooting (p.244).
Monaural sound is recorded by the camera’s built-in microphone (p.220).
Stereo sound recording is also possible by connecting the Directional 
Stereo Microphone DM-E1 (sold separately) to the camera’s external 
microphone IN terminal (p.19) as the external microphone is given the