Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

k Shooting Movies
Notes on Movie Shooting
The final image simulation is a function that allows you to see the 
effects of the Picture Style, white balance, etc., on the image.
During movie shooting, the image displayed will automatically reflect 
the effects of the settings listed below.
Final image simulation for movies
Picture Style
* All settings such as sharpness, contrast, color saturation, and color tone will 
be reflected.
White balance
White balance correction
Depth of field
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Peripheral illumination correction
Chromatic aberration correction
Highlight tone priority
Final Image Simulation
By connecting stereo headphones (commercially available) equipped 
with a 3.5 mm mini plug to the camera’s headphone terminal (p.19), you 
can listen to the sound during movie shooting.
You can use Remote Controller RC-6 (sold separately, p.188) to start 
and stop the movie shooting if the drive mode is <
Q> or <k>. Set 
the shooting timing switch to <2> (2-sec. delay), then press the transmit 
button. If the switch is set to <o> (immediate shooting), still photo 
shooting will take effect.
With a fully-charged Battery Pack LP-E6, the total movie shooting time 
will be as follows: approx. 1 hr. 30 min. at room temperature (23°C/73°F), 
and approx. 1 hr. 20 min. at low temperatures (0°C/32°F).
The focus preset function is possible for movie shooting when using a 
(super) telephoto lens equipped with the focus preset mode marketed 
since the second half of 2011.