Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

You can shoot movies while recording 
sound with the built-in monaural 
microphone or the Directional Stereo 
Microphone DM-E1 (sold separately). 
You can also freely adjust the sound-
recording level.
Set the sound recording with [z4: 
Sound recording
]. In the <
A> mode, 
this setting is displayed in [z2].
: The sound-recording level is adjusted automatically. Auto 
level control will operate automatically in response to the 
sound level.
: For advanced users. You can adjust the sound recording 
level to one of 64 levels. Select [Rec. level] and look at 
the level meter while turning the <5> dial to adjust the 
sound-recording level. While looking at the peak hold 
indicator (3 sec.), adjust so that the level meter 
sometimes lights up the “12” (-12 dB) mark on the right for 
the loudest sounds. If it exceeds “0”, the sound will be 
: Sound will not be recorded.
When set to [Enable], it reduces wind noise when there is wind 
outdoors. This works only with the built-in microphone.
Note that [Enable] will also reduce low bass sounds, so set it to 
[Disable] when there is no wind. It will make sound more natural than 
with [Enable].
 Setting the Sound Recording
Sound Recording/Sound-Recording Level
Wind Filter